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Corporate Entertainment Events

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There is no better way to end a great Corporate Event day at Stock Brook than having a company Fun Night together. A chance to let your hair down, have some laughs, talk about the days work and cement the new company relationships that have been formed. We have brought together some great all inclusive Fun Night Experiences that offer your company a great end to a great corporate day out..

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Stock Brook Poker

Fun Casino Nights

Our fun Casino Nights are a fantastic night of high excitement and a great way of bringing together friends and work colleagues for a perfect end to that staff training event, conference or corporate day at Stock Brook.

We offer a full, realistic Vegas style gambling experience which recreates the excitement and high energy atmosphere that you would find in a genuine casino. Our professional croupiers are the best in the business, friendly and approachable, they will take the time needed to help and teach people how to gamble and have fun at the same time. Our Croupiers will explain the game rules and at the same time put the guests at ease, helping them to enjoy their gambling night casino experience. With a number of different casino games and methods to run our games, our staff will work with you to decide on which method is appropriate for your fun evening.

The casino night is best run as a prize casino, taking place after dinner, the evening normally lasts about 3 hours. We recommend that prizes to be offered for the person with the most chips at the end of the evening. We have found that when our casino night is given a competitive edge, the guests are keener to get more involved with the casino atmosphere and you can often feel the tension around the tables as the players try to ‘will’ the right roulette number or card to turn over!

Towards the end of our fun casino night, the guests are asked to cash in their chips, our croupiers will then award the top three winners with prizes. (not supplied), in previous casino nights, prizes have ranged from a bottle of Champagne to a 5 star holiday! Our event planners are more than happy to furnish you with some ideas on the prize giving, just give our corporate event planners a call now.

Other Corporate Evening Options

Our Casino nights are the most popular, but you can also choose from the following. Ask our Corporate event planners about the best choice for your event.

Wine Tasting Events

Looking for something different for a fun and exciting evening with you work colleagues and friends?

Well if you love discovering and tasting new wines, then you will be spoiled for choice with our extensive range of wine tasting events and evenings at Stock Brook Country Club. Our superb wine tasting evening offers a full evening’s wine tasting entertainment and gives the true wine enthusiasts the opportunity to learn more about their favorite tipple. Part of this unique evening includes a master class on the history and making of the wines being used.

We have something for everyone to enjoy at any level of wine tasting and all of our wine tasting events, whether you are an ardent wine enthusiast or just a little ‘wine’ curious. If you are looking to learn more about how wine is produced or how to match cheese and wine, then you will find our evening educational, fun and a great way to make new friends.

Stock Brook Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Fun Race Nights

Our ever popular Race Nights are high energy, very exciting, great fun and a fantastic way to cement working relationships. You can even use a Race Night in Essex for raising much needed money for a chosen charity.

Stock Brook Country Club can provide your company with a complete all inclusive Race Night package for this awesome evening of fun. We will supply your company with everything you need to make sure your Race Night event is a great success. If you are looking for sometjhing a little different to bring your work colleagues together, then a high octane Race Night in Essex is a great choice. A well organised and well presented Race Night is absolutely perfect for Corporate Events and Team Building Days.

String Quartet and Pianists

Looking for something different for a fun and exciting evening with you work colleagues and friends?
If you are looking for something a little more relaxed and classical to end your Corporate Event with, then Stock Brook Country Club can offer a selection of String Quartets and pianists. Our String Quartet is one of the most well-established and sought-after quartets for light music in South East England, By offering a superb combination of style, elegance and musical excellence, our Quartet has built up an excellence reputation and are sure to enhance any Corporate Event or Conference Event in Essex.

Stock Brook’s String Quartet prides itself on providing first class playing, superb presentation and unrivalled service to complement any occasion. Over the years of working together, our String Quartet has acquired a comprehensive and varied repertoire of music, embracing the famous classics, popular show songs, favourites from the Beatles and Oasis to foot-tapping jazz melodies. Their Music is delivered in perfect harmony and with a positive air of fun, flair and imagination.

The Stock Brook String Quartet takes great pride to present itself in keeping with the surroundings and the occasion. They have a variety of outfits, each appropriate for different special events. For example, silk ball gowns in range of colours for weddings and proms to sophisticated and elegant black evening dresses for corporate events and conferences. For the less formal or daytime lunches they have specially designed waistcoats, hand embroidered with roses and smart trousers. Also, together with the string quartets contacts in the theatre world, clients can create a fantasy theme, as they can offer sumptuous outfits from most periods.

Stock brook Music Nights Essex

How To Book

Simply call our corporate events team on 01277 844200 or use the fomr below to email them, we aim to respond to all emails within office hours.

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