Memberships & Induction Process

Upon joining Stock Brook Gym members are invited to our 12-week induction process. This comprehensive 12-week system will ensure you are fully inducted to the whole club and its facilities.

The first induction is an initial health assessment where blood pressure and other measurements are taken. We then spend at least an hour going through your personal goals, the gym equipment and give a full explanation of the Technogym my wellness system.

After two to three weeks members are invited back to go through the programme, identify and solve any problems they may have, and make any adjustments. This is an opportunity to discuss progress, ask questions and also seek advice on nutrition if required.

Between six to eight weeks members are invited for a complete overhaul of their programme, again with the option to discuss nutrition with our team of trainers who are always happy to offer advice. This is the perfect opportunity to review progress and alter your programme if necessary.

In week 11 or 12 we review your statistics and measurements from weeks 1-12 and trainers will offer further advice, identify improvements made –both physically and mentally – and advise on how to harness gains and build on progress going forward.

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Peak Country Club Membership

Off Peak Country Club Membership

This membership allows access to the same facilities as the peak memberships but at reduced hours to suit the daytime user. Monday-Friday 5.30am-5.30pm and 1.00pm-5.30pm at weekends. This, therefore caters well for the retired, shift workers or parents who wish to attend during school time. We have a large range of classes within this time slot.

Vets Membership

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Junior Membership

This membership for 5-18 year olds allows full use all the facilities at Stockbrook and therefore represents great value for money. Juniors get 7 day access to use the golf club facilities. Access is Monday- Friday after 9am and Saturday and Sunday after 12pm. The Manor course is perfect for the novice youngster as it provides real course experience with a mix of a slightly more forgiving and quieter course. Under 12’s must be accompanied by an adult or responsible over 12 yr old. Once the junior has reached a proficient level and has gained a handicap of 28 or below they can use the main Stock and Brook Course.
Junior members also have use of the Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, and Gym (from age 12). The child must be accompanied by an adult member. We also run free of charge Kids Clubs activities for 5-12 yr olds on a Tuesday and Thursday after school and on weekend mornings.
As members, juniors qualify for discounted lessons across a range of activities including Swimming, Tennis, Golf, football, Ballet, Gymnastics.


A membership for the little ones, from 3 months to 5 years. Provides great value for money and offers free pool entrance, significantly discounted swimming lessons and reduced crèche costs.

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Email: membership@stockbrook.com
Reception: 01277 653616
Membership: 01277 650400
Wedding Enquiries: 01277 844200
Fax: 01277 633063
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