Privacy Policy

Dear Customer past, present, future.

We hold or will hold your personal details and if appropriate, your family member details, adults & children; Again if appropriate your organisation and or your company details, this includes names address telephone numbers, electronic addresses, enquiry details and trading details. We use this information to tell you about what is happening at the club, make offers, send newsletters, make contact regarding contracts, this includes membership, customer and client use of the club the organisation and company, all past, present and future use of all the facilities and services. You have access on request to this detailed information by post, email and visits where you can add to, subtract, alter or cancel your information, you can also use the web site to make further enquiries and or use the unsubscribe facility. Please browse the web site for full details and then make an appointment to come and view the fantastic up close detail and meet our great team always at your service.
Under the new act we are required to obtain your positive permission to retain and use your information for the above stated purposes, this is done in various ways using written replies, emails, texts, phone calls, containing answers, quotations, special offers, brochures, notices, instructions and newsletters however; we will never Be a nuisance and you can easily unsubscribe to all of the above on the web site.
We hope to continue being in touch and state we will not use your details for any other purpose; we will not pass the information to a third person or organisation and will keep the information under strict security with limited access and use by authorised persons only, this will include our staff and our IT agents and their staff who will come under the same contractual obligations as ourselves to you, they are named on each communication and will be legally bound not to use the information for any other purpose, as stated above, for this club and company, again please bear in mind, you have the easy ability to cancel at any point, by using the unsubscribe facility on the website.
We truly hope you will continue to trust this organisation in the future by granting us permission to hold your information resulting in continued knowledgeable enjoyment of the many expanding facilities of the club its organisation and the SBM Company