A Guide to Where You Can Find the Best Essex Driving Range

by Andrew

If you’re in Essex and keen on a game of golf but aren’t sure where to go, this blog will discuss where you can find the best essex driving range.

Finding a great golf course can make all the difference to how well your game of golf goes. Whether you’re playing alone or with your mates, it’s always good to make sure the driving range is worthwhile. But where is a great essex driving range?

Stock Brook Manor is the best essex driving range. With 27 holes nestled in the countryside, Stock Brook has a number of main courses that are certain to keep you busy and entertained.

Finding a golf course you thoroughly enjoy going to can take trial and error, but look no further. Keep reading to learn more about Stock Brook Manor’s essex driving range and what they have to offer!

Stock Brook Has Numerous Golf Membership Options

If you’re looking to become a member of Stock Brook Manor, there is a variety of memberships you can take advantage of. This country club has several membership options, and they are as follows:

  • Junior membership. For those aged 5-16, the Junior membership offers full access to Stock Brook Manor’s facilities. Those with a Junior membership receive 7-day access, and the course is perfect for younger golfers who’d prefer a less taxing golfing experience.
  • 5-day membership. The 5-day golf membership grants access to the 27 holes at Stock Brook. Those with a 5-day membership can also play on weekends for the price of a guest green fee.
  • 7-day membership. The 7-day membership allows access to not only all 27 holes but also access to the steam room and sauna facilities at the country club. You’re also free to bring one guest before 12pm on weekends and before 3pm on weekdays!
  • 5-day golf and country club membership. The golf and country club memberships give members access to all of Stock Brook’s pristine facilities. Feel free to access the facilities on weekdays from 6:30am-5:30pm, and on weekends from 1:00pm-5:30pm.
  • 7-day golf and country club membership. The 7-day golf and country club membership offers its members access to all of Stock Brook’s facilities, alongside all of the golf courses they offer.

The variety of membership options at Stock Brook Manor can suit several needs of individuals or groups, so you’re bound to find a membership you love!

Stock Brook Manor Has Championship Golf Courses

The golf courses at Stock Brook Manor are certain to give you a run for your money! Stock Brook has various golf courses that can test your golf skills but also ensure you have a fun time. This country club’s golf courses are as follows:

  • The Manor Course. The Manor Course is the less challenging course out of the three, making it the perfect choice for juniors or those who don’t have plenty of experience with golf. Although the Manor Course is the less taxing course, it will still put your golf skills to the test!
  • The Brook Course. The Brook Course is a more challenging range than The Manor Course, but will still have mercy on the golfers! With some holes that are more taxing than others, The Brook Course is a great balance.
  • The Stock Course. The Stock Course has fairly shorter holes than the other courses, but they still offer a challenge!

All of Stock Brook’s golf courses are pristinely manicured and nestled in lush greenery. If you love a good view while playing golf, Stock Brook has exactly what you’re looking for.

Final Thoughts

Finding an awesome Essex driving range can be tough, as there is a number of courses around. Although the hunt for great golf courses can be a bore, you can be confident that Stock Brook has everything you want and more!

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