Here’s How You Can Find the Best Golf Clubs in Essex

by Andrew

Have you decided to take up golf? Learn how to find one of the best golf clubs in Essex to enjoy the game to the fullest.

When it comes to golf, no other European country can match the standards set by England. It is home to around 2,270 golf courses. Out of them, Essex has 80 golf clubs.

However, not all of them fall in the category of the best golf clubs for all types of golfers. For example, some are extremely small, which limits a golfer. Similarly, not all golf clubs in Essex have well-maintained courses and amenities.

So, how can you – as a beginner – find the best club to join?

There are plenty of things to consider while gathering information on them to find out whether or not they are good for a game. Here are some factors you should take care of when deciding on a golf club:


Ask an intermediate or pro golfer about the term routing, you come to know that it is a layout of holes on a golf course. In other words, routing can be defined as a connection between holes.

Here, you need to gather information like how all the holes on the golf course are played. A significant reason to do so is to learn whether you have to play a game in different directions or there’s a fixed pattern that you need to follow.

For many players, playing fixed patterns can be a little boring. However, as you are a beginner, fixed patterns won’t be a major issue for you.


Remember, when looking for an ideal Essex golf course, you don’t need to settle with a bunch of options you come across. Instead, collect detailed information on a club to learn its history and reputation.

One of the best ways to do so is to visit the club’s official website. It must be known for hosting championships. Also, ensure that the club has golf services for all levels of golfers – including beginners, intermediates, and pros.

Design and Location

Unlike many other sports, a golf club’s location matters a lot. The best golf clubs in Essex are nestled in the most gorgeous regions.

In addition to the surroundings of a golf course, pay attention to its design. To enjoy a game of golf to the fullest, make sure the club has a big golf course to offer you the ultimate fun.

For example, Stock Brook brings three different golf courses in Essex to gratify all types and levels of golfers. In addition, the courses are huge enough to enable you to test and hone your skills.

While collecting information on the design of a golf club, get answers to questions like:

  • Are there bunkers?
  • What kinds of water hazards are there?
  • How effective is the drainage system?
  • How is the grass – too slow or too fast?

Other Services

If you are in Essex on a family holiday or a business trip but wish to combine your tour with a game of golf, you should look for an Essex golf course that comes with services like accommodation, celebrations, food and drink, and others.

Final Words

Remember, the best golf clubs in Essex aren’t ones that offer you the most expensive services, but they are clubs with multiple golf course options for you. In addition, consider a golf course’s layout and design to ensure that it is ideal to gratify the golfer in you.

If you are looking for a club with multiple golf course options, look no further than Stock Brook.



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