How to choose a golf course in Essex

by Andrew

The UK is blessed with a selection of prestigious golf courses, with some of the best found in and around Essex. The Essex Golf Union, which was founded back in 1924, has around 80 affiliated clubs playing over 90 golf courses in the area.  In the countryside of Essex lies beautiful greens and mesmerising freeways, a landscape of peaceful surroundings where you can get lost on the terrain. With multiple courses ranging in difficulty, Stock Brook Country Club, allows anyone from beginner to professional to practice their swing.

A quick nine, or a full day of play

Why does course length matter? The difference in the course length is to create diversity for everyone. Players can choose from a quick nine holes to a full 18 hole course. 

There is also an option to connect the courses and play 27 or 36 holes, which can be used for a great weekend away or a tournament day with friends. 

The different course lengths can be used to practise specific skills to improve your overall golf game. And for the beginner players, the shorter courses create a safe environment where they can learn and improve their skill at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Different strokes for different folks 

Golf can be a challenging sport, so it’s important to get the level of difficulty right. It’s not enjoyable if you are playing a round of 9 that is too hard, and it’s equally unfulling to play a game that is too easy. It’s important to consult a member of staff in regards to your level, as they may be able to offer some advice on how you can adjust the game to fit your needs.  Some golf courses in Essex allow you to not only choose the hole but to choose where you tee off, which allows the player to make every hole more challenging. At Stock Brook Country Club our team are always on hand to offer their expertise to guarantee a great game. 

Amazing activities of the course

Majority of golf players know that it is not just what happens on the golf course that matters, but also what happens off the course. You want to be able to enjoy a post game beverage too….

Off the course relaxation

There is more to Essex golf courses than a perfect swing or that hole-in-one. From the selection of clubhouses to the driving ranges it all adds value to both your long and short game. 

Clubhouses are there to relax after a long day on the court with first rate food and drinks. Players can re-energise before heading out to the next 9 holes or use it to end the great games played that day.

Golf Academy & Driving Range

While some golf clubs offer their players a membership, which comes with its own set of valuable membership-only benefits- it’s important to evaluate additional services a club has to offer. 

At Stock Brook Golf Course you can hit the driving range to practise your long game. Younger or novice players can also join the golf academy to ensure that they have the right techniques and equipment. Both the academy and the driving range accommodate players of all levels, provide them with the opportunity to improve their game, network with fellow golfers and learn a few new swings.

Spend time with like minded golfers 

Individuals don’t just play golf for the love of the game. Companies make deals over a quick 9 holes, friends connect and catch up over a long 18 holes and players join societies to enjoy the presence of like-minded individuals.

Some golf courses provide players with the option to join a golf society. You Can spend more time with other players, or enjoy the benefits that are not available to the general public. For members, there’s plenty of perks that come from joining a golf society, or becoming a member- each adds value to your knowledge and passions for the game, both on and off the course.

Playing golf can be challenging in itself, so why add to the frustration of extra admin or  arduous obstacles. Choose a golf club in Essex that will not only bring you joy on the course but a golf club that makes it easy to get on the course itself.

To finish off, Essex is a great destination for golf, and at Stock Brook all your needs will  be met. Stock Brook has great courses for any player, whether you are just starting out, or are a pro player.  

Please contact us at Stock Brook Country Club to find out more about our amazing golf courses in the heart of Essex. 


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