Stock Brook Country Club- The Perfect Dry Hire Wedding Venue

by Andrew

If you’re planning a wedding and are thinking of dry hiring a wedding venue, this blog will discuss the most pristine dry hire wedding venue.

Finding the best venue for your wedding is typically one of the more overwhelming and taxing steps in the wedding planning process. Provided that there are several factors to consider, it’s essential to be certain that the venue will tick all of your boxes. 

Stock Brook Country Club is the ultimate dry hire wedding venue. Offering you several wedding suite options, you have plenty of room to weigh your options and determine which wedding venue you like the most.

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is often a stressful experience, as you want to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Although wedding planning is overwhelming, Stock Brook is happy to assist you. Keep reading to learn more about one of the best dry hire wedding venues!

What Is Dry Hire?

First and foremost, I’ll need to define what it means to dry hire a venue. Dry hiring a venue is when you only pay for the use of a venue’s space and no other amenities.

For example, in a wedding scenario, you will only pay for the occupation of the venue and not for other things such as a DJ or caterers.

Stock Brook Country Club Has Multiple Wedding Spaces

If you love having several options of wedding spaces at one venue, you’ll be pleased to know that Stock Brook has three wedding suites for you to choose from. The wedding spaces at Stock Brook Country Club are as follows:

  • The Garden Room. If you’re opting for a fresh and airy setting for your wedding, The Garden Room is perfect for you. With sophisticated yet subtle decor, this wedding suite is charming and incredibly aesthetically pleasing.
  • The Ballroom. Being the main wedding space at Stock Brook Country Club, The Ballroom is great for grand-scale weddings and provides you with a breathtaking view of the perfectly manicured gardens and lawns. With simple and elegant decor, you can be confident that this wedding suite is stunning.
  • The Rosewood Suite. If you’re planning a smaller wedding, The Rosewood Suite may be right up your alley. More intimate and dreamy, this suite also offers you exclusive access to a secret tucked-away garden which is perfect for your wedding photos. With wooden floors and arched windows that boast picturesque views of Stock Brook’s manicured lawns, this suite is nothing short of romantic.

Stock Brook Country Club is a licensed wedding venue and has been for over 28 years. With decades of wedding experience under its name, you can be certain that Stock Brook is committed to giving you the perfect wedding. In case you’re planning a summer wedding and would prefer an outdoor ceremony, Stock Brook also allows for ceremonies in its polished gardens.

Advantages Of Dry Hire
Dry hiring a wedding venue offers more benefits than some may believe, although it’s not to everyone’s liking, dry hire boasts a number of advantages. The benefits of dry hire include:

  • It allows you to source your own services and amenities, ultimately allowing you to save some money
  • You have total creative freedom over your wedding, which is perfect if you want to add several personal touches
  • You’re given more flexibility and autonomy with your menu, which is great for those with strict dietary requirements
  • Dry hiring a venue is incredibly cost-effective if it’s done strategically

Final Thoughts
Planning a wedding is something that takes great consideration. If you weren’t sure about which wedding venue to choose, look no further than Stock Brook Country Club!

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