Stock Brook Manor- One Of The Best Essex Wedding Venues

by Andrew

If you’re struggling to find a bespoke wedding venue to host your dream wedding, this blog will discuss one of the best wedding venues in essex.

Finding the perfect wedding venue is often one of the most taxing parts of the wedding planning process, and understandably so. Although finding a great venue can be difficult, you can be confident that Stock Brook Manor is committed to giving you the best wedding possible.

Stock Brook Manor is a licensed wedding venue with over 28 years of wedding experience under its belt. With several wedding spaces for you to host the celebration, you’re offered variety and versatility.

It’s no secret that deciding on a wedding venue can take time and a lot of consideration. There are plenty of wedding venues to choose from, so it’s essential to choose wisely. Keep reading to learn more about Stock Brook Manor and what it has to offer!

Stock Brook Manor Has Three Wedding Spaces To Choose From

If you appreciate having several options of event spaces at one venue, you’ll love Stock Brook Manor. With three different wedding spaces of varying aesthetics and atmospheres, you can determine which space works best for you.

The Ballroom

The Ballroom is Stock Brook Manor’s main wedding space, as it’s incredibly spacious and airy. This wedding venue is fit for a grand-scale wedding and has all the necessary accommodations and requirements to cater to it.

This space is sophisticated and sleek and provides you and your guests with scenic views of 275 acres of manicured lawns through large windows. If you’re planning a large, elegant wedding, The Ballroom is the perfect venue for you.

The Rosewood Suite

The Rosewood Suite is smaller in comparison to The Ballroom, making it the perfect venue for smaller weddings. Incredibly intimate with a cozy atmosphere, The Rosewood Suite contains arched windows that boast scenic views of Stock Brook Manor’s polished gardens.

This wedding suite has neutral and warm colours that provide a romantic feel, as well as a secret garden that you can have exclusive access to (it’s also the perfect spot for you to take your stunning wedding photos).

The Garden Room

If you’re looking to have a civil ceremony in a wedding venue that resembles something out of a garden fairy storybook, The Garden Room is the perfect choice for you! With a light and fresh aesthetic with clean decor, this wedding venue provides you with the perfect setting for your reception and wedding pictures.

Stock Brook Manor Offers Overnight Accommodation

Stock Brook Manor is the ultimate all-rounded wedding venue, as you can also book an overnight stay at the accommodation if you aren’t too keen on going to a different destination after your wedding festivities!

The Blunts House Accommodation

The Blunts House suites are incredibly rustic and cozy, guaranteeing you a comfortable night’s rest after your wedding celebrations. The Blunts House has a total of nine bedrooms from which you can choose, all of which boast scenic views of Stock Brook Manor’s grounds.

The Blunts House suites are also available on a whole house hire basis rather than individual, so your guests are also welcome to book an overnight stay at Stock Brook.

The Stable Rooms

The Stable Rooms were built in the 17th century, offering you a historic background and aesthetic. The Stable Room suites are rustic and offer a homely atmosphere while still being incredibly luxurious and modern. With 14 stable rooms to choose from, you have plenty of options!

Final Thoughts

Although finding a bespoke wedding venue can be quite overwhelming, look no further than Stock Brook Manor to have the wedding of your dreams!

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