The breakaway weekend on a beautiful Essex golf course

by Andrew

Weekends were created for resting and having fun. Living in a big city, where everyone is always busy, can lead to people not switching off and not getting the rest they need before starting a new week. This leads to employees burning out and feeling tired, even if the weekend has just passed.

This problem can be solved by travelling to near-by towns or cities and taking part in activities where individuals can switch off and think of something other than work. They can relax and spend time with family or friends, before heading back to work. A great way to do this is at a beautiful golf club in Essex.

The Friday driving range setup

Living for Fridays has never been this exciting. Leaving the big city life behind for the weekend, to enjoy a whole weekend of golf, is what life is about. Essex is a quick hour’s drive from London, which means leaving after work on a Friday and driving to Essex is possible. This leaves loads of time to arrive at Essex golf courses and to hit a few balls on the driving range.

The golf courses in Essex are all equipped with fantastic driving range facilities. Individuals can practise their longshots from the tee. This will prepare anyone to hit the straight shot off the tee on those long par 5 holes.

After the tee shots and practising, the short game will be just as easy. This will help players to get to the green quickly and with a graceful stroke. Most Essex golf courses are equipped with multiple practice greens. This will allow players to finish the hole in style.

Saturdays are made for a full 18-hole golf course

Waking up on a beautiful summer’s day in England has never been this exciting. The weekend is starting with players ready and warmed up after the Friday afternoon driving range practice. Now is the time to put all that practice into action.

All the golf clubs in Essex are located in the charming countryside. Most of them have stunning views of either the countryside or the ocean. This will not only allow players to focus on their game, but also enable them to enjoy beautiful Essex whilst walking to the next hole.

Essex golf courses have the standard 18 holes. This means that players can enjoy a full day of playing golf. The courses are full of short 3 par holes, moderate 4 par holes and some difficult and long 5 par holes. These golf courses can be enjoyed by both pro golfers and novice golfers. Chasing the birdies and avoiding the bogey is what every golfer wants on a Saturday.

The last stretch of a quick 9 holes of golf

After a full day on the course, players can use the last day to rest. All the golf courses have great facilities, where they can have a relaxing breakfast or lunch and enjoy the calming sounds of nature, savouring the last few moments before heading back to the city life.

After a relaxing morning, players can prepare themselves for a quick nine holes before leaving the peace and quiet. Most golf courses in Essex have a separate nine holes from the full 18-hole course. This will leave players with the option to play a quick nine holes, to ensure they work on the strokes and techniques that went wrong the day before.

Other activities that can fill the golfing weekend

Playing golf is amazing, but players don’t always enjoy standing the whole day. Every golf course has an amazing golf club in Essex. This will allow players to connect and chat with like-minded players, gain some perspective and improve their ability through a coach.

Enjoying a relaxing weekend, where players can re-energise and work on their golf technique, is a necessity. Joining a golf club in Essex will leave players motivated to improve and enjoy their golf and return for more fun breakaway weekends. These golf weekends are great for improving their game and for relaxing outside of their busy working lives in the city.

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