A Guide to Some of the Best Gyms in Billericay

by Andrew

If you’re in the Essex area and want to know of some good gyms, this guide will discuss some of the best gyms in billericay and around the UK. Finding some great gyms can sometimes be tricky, as there are numerous gyms available that each offer something different. Although finding worthwhile gyms can be hard, knowing your options can make your search easier.

Here are some of the best gyms in billericay and around the UK:

  • Stock Brook
  • David Lloyd Clubs
  • Club Kingswood
  • Agila Gym
  • Studio 360 Fitness
  • Feelgood Fitness & Wellness Centre

I’ll further elaborate on what these gyms have to offer and why you should consider giving them a go. Keep reading to learn more about some of the best gyms around the UK and in Billericay!

Top Seven Gyms in the UK

There are several gyms in the UK, so finding one you truly enjoy going to can take some trial and error. By having a list of some of the top-rated gyms in the UK, you’ll likely find one that stands out for you!

1. Stock Brook 

If you want to go to an all-rounded gym where options are plenty, then Stock Brook is right up your alley. With not one, but two top-class gyms with an outdoor area and a gym especially for weightlifters, you’re certain to fall in love with Stock Brook’s facilities. With both gyms fully-equipped with TechnoGym resistance and cardio machines, Stock Brook has something for whatever your fitness goals are. Stock Brook’s gyms are air-conditioned and suitable for intense training. Whether you’re doing functional training or casual fitness, Stock Brook can accommodate that.

2. David Lloyd Clubs 

David Lloyd Clubs are excellent if you want to do more than just focus on your fitness. With spa facilities and pools, you can kick back and relax if you don’t feel like having a sweat session! David Lloyd Clubs also offer group exercise classes and a tennis court if you want a collaborative fitness experience. This top-class gym also has supervised kids areas so that you don’t have to worry about the little ones while you enjoy some much-needed me-time.

3. Club Kingswood

Club Kingswood is a Billericay gym with a significant range of equipment. With over 300 stations, you won’t have to stress about not knowing what to do next or not having anything to do! This gym floor is expansive and the stations are widely spread out, allowing you to have as much space and privacy as you need. Club Kingswood has a qualified team of personal trainers in case you need some assistance, and a steam room and sauna for you to enjoy after your session. If you’re looking for a sleek gym with a great culture, Club Kingswood is who you’re looking for.

4. Agila Gym

Agila gym is a well-established gym with extensive knowledge of all kinds of training. Whether you’re a boxer or bodybuilder, Agila Gym has the facilities that accommodate your training style. You can expect friendly staff and a warm atmosphere at Agila Gym! In case you forgot your pre or post-workout out home, worry not. This high-end gym has a supplement store that has got you covered.

5. Studio 360 Fitness

Studio 360 Fitness is one of those gyms you just can’t help but visit again. With a friendly environment and culture, Studio 360 is certain to make you feel at home even on your first visit. Studio 360 is excellent if you’re just starting with your fitness journey and aren’t too sure where to start, as they offer free personal training sessions, classes, and personalized programmers. This gym is well-equipped with all the stations you need, as well as in-house physiotherapy in case you hurt yourself. If you want a gym that understands your needs and educates you, Studio 360 is your go-to.


FITT UK is a private training studio that knows the importance and value of understanding a client’s needs! This private studio’s main function is offering personal training sessions and group classes where you can train with a couple of other members. If you want to join a close-knit training studio, you’ll love FITT UK.

7. Feelgood Fitness & Wellness Centre

Feelgood Fitness & Wellness Centre lives up to its name, as its main goal is to make sure everyone feels good and confident. Whether you’re just starting with fitness or have been in the game for years, this friendly gym ensures you feel welcome. With several classes including Pilates and spinning, there is something for everyone to enjoy. If you want a well-equipped gym with a welcoming and energetic atmosphere, Feelgood Fitness Centre is for you.

Final Thoughts

Although deciding what gym you love can be tricky since there are so many options, giving a few of them a test run or taking advantage of a day pass can help you determine which one you feel the most at home and welcome! 

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